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Multiple Company Support

Manage invoicing for multiple businesses all under one Billing Ninja account.

Do you run more than one business? With our multiple company support feature you can seamlessly move between different company dashboards, all under one account. No need to logout. You can manage up to 5 separate company profiles in one convenient, secure, and interlinked location. It’s extremely fast and easy to move from one to the other.

Create Recurring Invoicing & Auto-Bill Clients

Save time by automatically billing long-term clients with recurring invoices.

Repeatedly writing new invoices and chasing payments with the same repeat clients can be a drain on time and energy. With Billing Ninja you can create recurring invoices and automatically bill clients for the ongoing services you provide. You can fully customize your repeat invoices to be sent at fixed times during any day, week, or month. This enables you to enjoy a completely hands-off approach and focus instead on doing what you do best for your clients.

Attach 3rd Party Files to Invoices & Expenses

Combine important files with your invoice document. All in one email delivery.

An invoice document can only contain so many words. When you want your quote or invoice to say more, then attaching a 3rd party file is the perfect solution. From proposals and contracts to project files, translations, and timesheets, you can upload and attach the document of your choice. Whether Word/PDF attachments or embedded images, Billing Ninja enables you to provide all the background information a client needs in one quote or invoice delivery.

Attach Invoice & Quotations PDFs to Emails

Give your clients another easy way to share and file your invoice.

With Billing Ninja you can provide your clients with a PDF version of your invoice attached to the invoice email. The client can then potentially file them, reference them later, share them with different team members, or transfer them to a different department for payment, all in their preferred manner. This is achieved with a simple click of a button in your admin panel.

Client-Side Portal & Invoices History

Allow your clients to see all their transactions with you in one glance.

Give your clients complete control and peace of mind when it comes to invoicing with our advanced client-side portal feature. The portal lets your clients see all their transactions with you in one glance. They can view all previous and upcoming payments, and have easy access to quotes and other account details. Clients can download or print any aspect of their account with you directly from the portal. Everything is designed for your clients’ utmost convenience and satisfaction.

Quotes Convert to Invoices for Payments

Turn an approved quote into an invoice with just one click of a button.

With Billing Ninja you don’t need to create and re-write separate quote and invoice documents. Instead, you can just convert one into the other with a click of a button. Our quote generator allows you to send your client a price quote for potential services or projects. When the client is happy, they can simply “click to approve” and it will convert the quote into a pre-formatted invoice, and allow the client to submit payment online immediately.

Fully Customizable Invoice Design

Match the look of your invoice with the design of your brand.

It’s all too easy for a client to misplace a bland looking invoice. Make your invoice document stand out. Make it memorable. With our customization tools you can easily add a logo, modify the colors, adjust the fonts, and choose the perfect styling to match your brand identity. We have a variety of professionally designed templates ready to customize with just a few simple adjustments. Finish off a project in style by sending your client a beautiful branded invoice.

Customize Email Subjects & Body Text

Tailor your invoice email text for improved open rates and brand recognition.

Our invoice email templates come with readymade email subject lines and body text. These are perfectly good for most scenarios but sometimes you might want to tailor the text to match your company’s brand voice. With Billing Ninja you can customize the email subject and/or body text to increase the chances your customers will recognize your emails and open them. What’s more, you can also tailor invoice payment reminder emails to fit the urgency of your message.

Invoice Payment Auto-Reminder Emails

Use a pre-written auto-reminder email sequence to remind clients your invoice needs to be paid.

Automatically send out late payment reminder emails without lifting a finger. When you work with many different clients it can be a time consuming task following up with late payments and figuring out just how many reminders you’ve sent. With Billing Ninja you can track payments effortlessly and set a series of three pre-written template reminder emails to be sent out at predetermined times after the invoice due date has passed.

Alerts When Client Views & Pays Invoices

Receive notifications when a client views and pays your invoice.

Has your client received your invoice? Sometimes emails get accidentally deleted or lost in a spam folder. The result is potentially waiting weeks for your payment without knowing why. With Billing Ninja you’ll know exactly when your client opens your invoice and also when they make a payment. We’ll alert you to both occurrences via your dashboard and also in an email. Keep track of who’s viewed your invoice, paid it, and who hasn’t, with our automatic alert system.

Enable Invoice Approval Checkbox or Client Signature

Ensure clients understand your terms of agreement prior to payments.

Help your clients avoid misunderstandings by enabling an invoice approval checkbox. This feature pops up when your email invoice is opened and forces the client to approve terms before paying, either by clicking a checkbox or creating a digital signature (using their finger or a stylus). An approval checkbox is particularly handy for managers who might want to approve an invoice before handing the payment responsibilities to someone else.

Item & Product Library System

Quickly select from potentially thousands of predefined service and product descriptions.

Create a library of predefined services and/or products. Whenever you create an invoice you can then simply select a service or product from the library via a dropdown menu. The name, description, and even the cost will be automatically updated in the invoice, and can then be modified further. Add as many services and products as you like to your library and remove the need to repeatedly write out the same descriptions over and over again.

Multiple Currencies and Languages Supported

Adjust invoicing settings to better reflect your location and preferred currency.

Our customers are located all over the world, speak many different languages, and invoice their clients in a wide variety of national currencies. With Billing Ninja you can customize a host of settings to better reflect your location, language, and the primary currency you do business with. We support approximately 50 currencies and 20 languages, together with options to adjust time zone data, first day of the week, time/date formatting, and more.

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